Quatuor Varèse release CD : a magical debut from a quartet that’s clearly going places


The first thing to say is that Quatuor Varèse play exquisitely… This is an ensemble that matches a vast range of tonal colour to a sensitive and vivid musical imagination. … a magical debut from a quartet that’s clearly going places. 

Richard Bradly for Gramophone Magazin


… just the right mercurial flow of energies.

The players switch between the intriguing night scenes with the confidence and supple vigour, attention to timbral colour matched by impressive rhythmic fire. Ravel’s sensual melody falls like a balm after Dutilleux’s interplanetary sports, but the Varèse tease out the strong connections between the composers in pinsharp articulation and a palette of enormous range. This is a wonderfully refined performance…

Helen Wallace for BBC Music Magazine


Memorable with playing as light and lively as a champagne perry… Playing throughout with insight and controlled musicianship Quatuor Varèse brings out the expressive beauty and tasteful excellence of the Ravel. … the innate musicianship of Quatuor Varèse especially with its emphasis on refined textures, impeccable ensemble and intonation.

Michael Cookson for Muiscweb international


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